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Beta Groups

Sharing life and the spiritual journey

Connection is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. It’s why we’re here.
— Bréne Brown


Beta Groups are “small groups” designed for sharing life and the spiritual journey. They are a simple and accessible way for people to grow in their faith and be part of the larger Friendship Church family.

Beta Groups are composed of between 6-8 people who meet together, typically right after the Sunday morning worship service, to share lunch together, build relationships, discuss the sermon and how to apply it to our lives, and to encourage and pray for each other. 

Groups are open to Christians, religious people, skeptics, and those who aren't sure yet what they believe. Some are guys/girls groups and some are mixed. Some converse in English, and others in Chinese. 

Whatever it is that would help you get connected to our church family, there is probably a group that you could fit in with. 


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