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Community Groups

Living into God's story

The church is a group of people gathered together by God to participate in his community together.

We often say, you are not really in the church unless you are in a group. Some people get offended by that, but it's true. The Bible says we are to love each other, pray for each other, encourage each other, and sometimes even to reprove one another. How can you do that if you aren't in face to face relationships? So we are always telling people to try out a couple of groups, find the one that fits you, and then commit to it. This applies to you whether you are here for three months or three years. 

As a Church we are intentionally living into God's Story and believe transformation takes place as we journey together. Community Groups provide a place of connection. Groups of 8-15 people provide a place to build relationships, study scripture, and serve one another and the city.

Below is a list of current groups. Please get in touch to find out more or join a group.


Friday evenings, 7:30-10:00 PM at the church. The group meets to eat, worship in song, study the Word and pray, and reach out together. This group is currently studying the book of Romans. Please contact via the link above for more details. 

finding grace group

This group was established for newcomers to the church. They meet on Sunday afternoons at the church for coffee and fellowship and are using the Gospel Christianity I - Gospel & The Heart study materials, from Gospel in Life (Redeemer City to City). Contact us at the link above if you are interested. 

Settlers Community Group

This group meets on Thursday evenings at the church with the fourth Thursday evening being a scheduled games night at other various locations nearby. The schedule is dinner at 7:00 pm and then at 7:45 there is worship, Bible study and prayer. This group is studying Gospel Christianity III Gospel & Community, from Gospel in Life (Redeemer City to City).

fabulous females of friendship!

This is a women's group which meets in the home of Linda Ludwig every first and third Wednesday of the month. This group is currently on a break over the summer period. 

men's group

The men's group meets twice a month. At each meeting, they discuss a chapter from a C. S. Lewis book. They have just finished The Screwtape Letters and will begin a new study on The Four Loves. If you would like to join the group or get more information about it, please contact via the link above.

project 0.1

This group meets on Wednesday evenings and is a group of mainly young singles. They are currently on break. 

International student groups

Friendship Presbyterian has a vibrant body of international students from all over the world. Contact the church if you would like more information about where these groups are meeting.


Meets twice a month at varying times depending on the schedule. Please contact via the link above if you're interested.

fpc fit city

Meets every Tuesday evening at 7:45 by MRT exit 5 in the Da An Forest Park. First meet, exercise and then gather back together to discuss the podcast. It is open for all who want to get some weekly exercise and a real message of gospel truth. Contact the link above for more details. Currently studying 1st John. 

g2c (gospel 2 the campus - fpc university ministry)

This group meets on Sunday afternoons from 1:00pm. They first meet at Newcomers Welcome Table in the fellowship hall at the church. This group is for Undergraduates, PHD, Masters or recent graduates. They are studying Gospel Christianity, from Gospel in Life (Tim Keller).



Every Sunday morning in Room 501 from 9:30 to 11:00am

friendship club

Every first Thursday of the month in Room 501 from 7:00 - 9:00pm

TGIF Group

TGIF Group

Finding Grace Group

Finding Grace Group

Settler's Community Group

Settler's Community Group

Fabulous Females of Friendship!

Fabulous Females of Friendship!

International students

International students

Family Community Group 

Family Community Group