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Thoughts on faith and life at Friendship Church

5 Questions With...Charles Farrell

Peter Brown


1. How did you first get involved with Friendship Presbyterian?  When I was still living in South Africa, I would often get inspired by missionary presentations given at my home church. I then decided to follow a strong desire I had to go to Southeast Asia. Five years ago, I brought my family to Taiwan after securing employment with Morrison Academy in Taipei. We attended FPC for a time while Dennis Brown was still the pastor. We then visited other reformed churches for about two years before returning to FPC when Peter Kim became the new pastor. We have since become members and my wife and I have joined the worship team.

2. What do you do Monday through Saturday?  During the week I work at Morrison Academy as a library assistant and grade 8 Bible teacher. I am also responsible for a weightlifting and cycling class. In the evenings I enjoy jogging or working out at the gym. On the weekends I like to take my children to a waterpark.  

3. What is something people might be surprised to know about you?  I appreciate music of many genres. I have been known to do Elvis impersonations and I also provide a service as an event DJ.

4. What do you find most challenging about being a Christian today?  I find being a Christian today can be challenging in a world that constantly elevates people and celebrates their success and achievement. This mindset has even infiltrated churches and Christian organizations. It is a constant battle not to seek the approval of men but rather to find favor with God.

5. What is one of your favorite books of the Bible?  The book of Job is one of my favorite books of the Bible as it emphasizes God’s sovereignty over Satan, over nature and over suffering. Knowing that God controls all these aspects brings me great comfort and security. 

Recent Events - July/August

Peter Brown

Pictures provided by David MacRaild, John Chao, and Peter Brown.

Youth Ministry dinner in Linkou.


Former Elder Bill Chang visits Friendship Club.


July Newcomer Welcome Lunch.


August meeting of The Engine Room (monthly prayer meeting).


Noteworthy Events

Peter Brown

Rembrandt van Rijn,  The Return of the Prodigal Son

Rembrandt van Rijn, The Return of the Prodigal Son

Communion Sunday – July 14th: We will hold our monthly celebration of the Lord’s Supper during the Sunday service of July 14th. Please prepare your hearts to participate in this intimate act of recognition of our dependence on our Lord Jesus Christ.

• Newcomers Welcome Lunch – July 21st, 1:15pm-3:00pm: If you are new to FPC in the last two months, come join us for food and fellowship. It is a time to meet others who are new to the church and helps us get you connected to the life of the church. You can register at the Newcomer Welcome table in the fellowship hall, or simply meet up with us in Room 402 of the church building at 1:00pm on the 21st.

Youth Ministry “Newcomer” Welcome Overnight Retreat – Aug. 23-24: Our youth ministry will hold an overnight retreat in the church building to welcome all FPC kids who will be starting the 7th-grade (or higher) this fall. A pizza dinner, worship, games, snacks, Bible study, and a tasty breakfast will all be provided. Permission slips will be available at the Sunday morning youth service and at the regular Newcomer Welcome table in the fellowship hall. One slip required per family.

Spotlight on Service: Did you know that each Sunday Church Service at FPC takes an average of 28 individual acts of service? We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the 67 individuals who served FPC during a Sunday Service or special event during the month of June.  If you would like to join our team of volunteers, please email

Youth Ministry Weekly Gatherings - Fridays, 6:30-9:30pm: Our youth ministry provides a time of worship, Bible study, fellowship, and fun. We meet every Friday, 6:30-9:30pm, at 261 Roosevelt Road, 6th floor.


FPC Line News Group: Be sure to join our FPC LINE news group where you can get all the latest information about FPC. You will not receive messages from other people, only from FPC. You can also send prayer requests which will be received by the church leaders. To join, search for "@osv3181q" or scan this QR code…