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Discipleship Classes

[PLEASE NOTE—the “Foundation” and “Growth” classes are

being overhauled, and are not currently offered.]

As we build our church and personal lives centered on the Gospel, we will discover that our relationship with Christ entails a serious commitment to the study of the Bible—a body of knowledge and truth that God wants us to learn, live, and teach to others for us to fully flourish as His people. Discipleship classes are designed to expand your knowledge of who God is and how He is at work in your life and in our world. Whether you are just beginning to explore Christian spirituality or are looking to dig deep into the teachings of the Christian faith, our aim is to help you "grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ" (2 Pet 3:18).

Why Should I Attend?

The goal of discipleship classes is to transform disciples so that our minds and hearts are renewed, and our hands ready to engage the world. We want to help you get established in the faith and equipped to live it out in everyday life.

Discipleship classes are also a great way to get connected at Friendship. Classes will blend fellowship time as we share lunch together, discuss the lessons, and pray. 

Too busy? Not enough time? Rest assured, discipleship classes focus on making sure we all get into God’s Word while taking into account the realities of our busy lives! Classes take place on Sunday afternoons from 1:00-2:30 and are capped at 6-8 weeks in length.

What types of classes will be run?

  • The Connect Class: Introduction & Membership is designed to introduce you to vision, values, beliefs, and practices of FPC. This shorter 3-week course will benefit everyone and is required for those seeking membership.

  • Foundation Classes are the core discipleship curriculum that we want everyone to get. All of these classes can be taken at a manageable pace within two years.

  • Growth Classes seek to build on the Foundation Classes by addressing specific areas of Christian faith and life. Courses vary throughout the year.

Connect Class

The Connect Class is a place to understand what we believe, what we value, why church membership is so important, and what we want to do together as God’s people. It is also a class for anyone in the basics of the Christian gospel and in the biblical functioning of the Church as the Body of Christ. This 3-week class is offered twice a year in the Fall and Spring. Everyone is encouraged to take this class and it is required for those seeking membership.

Foundation Classes

[NOTE—these classes are being overhauled and are not currently offered.]

Foundation classes are designed to ground you in the core beliefs and life of the Christian faith. We encourage everyone to make a plan to finish all of these classes over a two-year period. The classes in this category are:

Growing in the Faith – (spiritual disciplines) 
Bible reading, prayer, sharing your faith, memorizing Scripture, serving, etc. are means God has given us to experience a deep and meaningful relationship with Him. They are called Spiritual Disciplines, and this course will introduce you to their importance, application, and implementation in our lives.

Christianity Explored  (Jesus’ life and mission)
A journey through parts of the Gospel of Mark, this class will explain who Jesus is, what He came to do, what Grace is, and how to become a Christian. Ideal for non-Christians who want to dig deeper, new Christians who want to take their first steps into God’s Word, and those who want be able to walk through the Gospel of Mark with others.

Learning to Read the Bible — (biblical interpretation)
Our goal for this class is to journey into the world of the Bible in order to better to understand and to live faithfully in today’s world. To do this we will seek to learn how to read God’s Word carefully, interpret it wisely, and apply what we know in our 21st-century lives.

The Story of the Bible —  (biblical theology)
The Bible is not just a collection of haphazard stories, but rather one story about God and what He has done in this world, from Genesis to Revelation. This class will help you discover the thread that holds the entire Bible together.

Grounded in the Faith I— (systematic theology)
This class is an essential guide to knowing what all Christians should believe and why. We want to make the doctrines of the Christian faith both clear and applicable to life. In part 1 of this class we will look at topics such as the Triune God, the characteristics of God, revelation, creation, and the Fall.

Grounded in the Faith II— (systematic theology) 
For those who want to know the essential beliefs of the Christian faith. In part 2 of this class we will look at topics such as who Jesus is, what God has done for us in salvation, the Holy Spirit, the kingdom of God, and the restoration of all things.