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Responding to the crisis in the Philippines


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Responding to the crisis in the Philippines

Dennis Brown


Some have been asking about how can we respond to the crisis in the Philippines. The deacons have recommended giving a one-time donation from the benevolence fund. In addition, you can also make a special offering yourself. Just put your gift in a specially marked envelope that says "Philippines" and it will be added to the deacons' gift. You can do this over the next couple of weeks.

It will go to Taiwan World Vision which is a highly reputable, and effective Christian ministry that seeks to bring relief to people who are suffering and glorifying the Lord.

Also for your information we have two people in our church who are connected to these immediate needs. They are:

1. Karen Yates. You doubtless remember our praying for her and some of you are supporting her in the Philippines. We just received word that she is going with her friends to Iloilo--one of the affected areas to do relief work from November 25-29. If you would like to support those efforts, let us know and we can forward you her prayer letter.

2. Leo Li. Leo works with Taiwan World Vision. I communicated with him earlier in the week and he sent the following links where you can view what they are doing:

Here are also some press releases, but only those of you who read Mandarin will be able to understand them.

Thanks for your prayers and concern.