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Thoughts on faith and life at Friendship Church


Dennis Brown

Fall Retreat at Christ College: “Waking Up to the Wonder of Jesus”

On Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20, we have our all-church retreat at Christ College. The theme is “Waking Up to the Wonder of Jesus.”  In Romans 13, Paul says that it is easy to fall asleep spiritually.  This Sunday is the last day for you to be able to register. Don’t miss out. It will be a time to connect with FPC members and families, and to commit ourselves to 1) regular worship 2) regular community through small groups 3) and regular service. You will also be able to meet Jules Grisham and his family. If you still want to attend, stop by after this Sunday service and register for the retreat or if needed call the church at 2362-1395 to reserve a place.

Jules Grisham to Candidate for Position of Associate Pastor

From September 11 to 21, Jules Grisham along with his wife Virginia and their 11 year old son, Guy, will be visiting FPC. He will speak in the worship services on Sunday, September 13 and at the retreat on September 20. Jules has a wonderful testimony of how he came to Christ in his late 20’s and then was called into the ministry. He has been a successful pastor in the greater Philadelphia area from what wasssentially the same presbytery where I am a member. After his visit, the elders in discussion with Jules will consider the prospects of calling him as a full-time associate pastor in the early months of 2016.

No Worship Service at Friendship Church on September 20.

Instead, join us for worship at the retreat at Christ College at 11:00 am. The retreat will be a significant time for us to grow in Christ and connect with one another and welcome newcomers to our church.

All Church Picnic After Service on Sunday, September 13

Fall is picnic season. Last year, some of the best times were after church at NTU when families and singles could get to know one another. So this Sunday, September 13, you are invited to join us. Just get your lunch and go to the NTU campus near the lake. If you are new and don’t know the way, meet at the Triangle Park at 1:15 pmjust outside the church and Leo Lin will be there to be your guide. After the picnic, we will play softball and soccer. I just found out that the picnic tables have been moved--so you might want to bring a blanket to sit on. Come casual this Sunday and stay for the day.

Leadership Transitions and Saying Thanks

Last Sunday, Jonathan Shumate was elected as an elder of Friendship and willbe installed in the worship service on Sunday, September 27.  This will be Michelle Ko’s last Sunday if she is approved for her visa to Australia. Also, Kin Chong and Rick Chamness are stepping aside as elders for personal reasons. They will still be here and serving in different ways, but just not in the capacity of elders. On this Sunday we want to thank them for the amazing service they have given to the church. Last year we went through a crisis when both pastors lost their visas. Kin and Rick guided the church with great wisdom during that time and the church owes them a huge debt of thanks. Along with welcoming Jonathan, we will be thanking Rick, Kin and Michelle for their service to us. After the service, we will serve a cake and express our appreciation forall of them.

Anna Furness and Sunday School Growth

Last Sunday, the church voted to increase Anna Furness’ role as administrative assistant and leader of children’s ministry. Anna has a great heart for children as well as a sophisticated philosophy of ministry and theological orientation that fits us perfectly. Under her leadership Sunday School has grown. She also assists in general administration of the church. Please support her by volunteering to assist with Sunday School.

Michelle Ko and Future Plans

Michelle Ko has been a rich source of blessing to our church in these past months and years. She was on furlough as a missionary with SIM (Serving in Missions) in recent months and so has been volunteering her service at the church. She has been invaluable particularly with the many projects we have had lately. Many of us for the first time were able to hear about her courageous service for nine years caring for children dying from AIDS in a remote area of Kenya. Michelle has accepted a two year ministerial position with a Chinese church in Adelaide, Australia, and if her visa is approved will be flying there at the end of October.

Jerry Chiao and Joining the October 3 Workshop and Music Jam Session

For the last six years, Jerry Chiao has been our worship director. He coordinates two teams. As a result, worship is consistently excellent. We can often take it for granted. In actuality, our teams are getting a bit weary and we need fresh members on the team. We need committed people not just for Sunday worship, but to lead worship in the small groups, tech support, PowerPoint,  set-up and take down, etc. To encourage all of you, join us on Saturday, October 3 from 10 to 12 for the worship workshop and jam session here at the church.

September Small Group Sign-Ups

September is a time for new beginnings. We always say that you are really not in the church unless you are in a small group. Here are three larger groups you can consider: Martin and Red on Wednesday evenings in Xihu (mostly young adults), Settlers on Thursday evenings at the church (mostly young adults), TGIF on Friday evenings (married and singles). Also there is a couple’s group and as needed we organize Christianity Explored groups for people who are exploring Christianity. If none of the above work, form a quad (three to four people). We can get you curriculum and help. Contact the church office at

Jason and Kristie Truell to Vancouver, Canada

Jason and Kristie Truell were with us for several years and gave us excellent service. We are still benefiting from the work they did with community groups, Sunday School, website and other areas of ministry. Jason has recently become a pastor of a church in Vancouver, Canada. They look forward someday to returning to Taiwan--the country they probably love the most. Send them an e-mail letting them know they are in your thoughts and prayers.