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Thoughts on faith and life at Friendship Church

From the Desk of Pastor Peter

Peter Brown


One practice that Christians should be engaged in, week in and week out, is the practice of coming to their church’s Sunday service to hear the Word of God. In a recent Sunday sermon, we looked at a passage where Jesus spoke about hearing and doing all that Jesus commanded--not just to hear, but also to do. However, many of us (myself included) have probably experienced how easy it is to hear a sermon and then forget what the sermon was about, even the very next hour.

In this month of June, we are having guest speakers throughout the whole month and I will join all of you in practicing the discipline of listening to sermons in the best way possible:

“…with a soul that is prepared, a mind that is alert, a Bible that is open, a heart that is receptive, and a life that is ready to spring into action.” 

I encourage you to read some of the links below and be prepared for a wonderful month of sermons from guest speakers. (A good place to start would be link #1, an article by the President of Wheaton College, Philip Ryken, from which the quote above is taken.)


2) for a more advanced approach.

3) for additional resources.

Here are the guest speakers who will bring us God’s Word during the month of June:

June 9 - Vern Poythress
June 16 - Peter Wang
June 23 - Ken McAlpin
June 30 - Peter Brown