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Thoughts on faith and life at Friendship Church

From the Desk of Pastor Kim

Peter Brown


"You Will Be Hated by All" is not a popular idea or title to use for a Sunday sermon. Many people imagine Christianity to be a solution that will get rid of all our issues in life. If we become a Christian, then we would no longer need to struggle with finances or health. Our marriages would become better and our businesses would succeed. Our families would be peaceful, and our friendships would be plentiful. However, this simply is not true. Yes, Christians can experience a better life, more abundant life, but it may not be free of troubles. Jesus said that, as Christians, we would be hated by all on account of his name. Some Christians would face betrayal, imprisonment, beatings, and perhaps all kinds of loss. To get a glimpse of what some of our brothers and sisters have gone through, check out

Last Sunday's sermon was focused on what to do when we face circumstances similar to persecution that may cause us to despair. An additional thought that I would like to share is that it is possible to prepare for actual persecution. How? Basically, by turning to the Lord, keeping your hope in Him, when going through the difficult, unimaginable situations that you may be facing right here, right now. Billy Graham has said, "Many souls are anemic and starved for the things of God. They are totally unprepared for a time of crisis." If we are not well prepared to fight in circumstances that we face today, how do we expect to fight and turn to the Lord when much harsher circumstances arise? In other words, we need to keep turning to the Lord no matter the circumstances, whether or not we are facing persecution. The answer always is and always will be: turn to Jesus.

Check out Billy Graham's message speaking about how to prepare for persecution.