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Thoughts on faith and life at Friendship Church

From the Desk of Pastor Peter

Peter Brown


During the past few weeks, the Sunday messages have been focusing on our hearts being the real source of sin and not necessarily our outward actions (outward actions can be sinful, but they are not the source). Jesus' words from Matthew 5 are powerful and convicting, and we are moved to rethink our lives a bit on Sundays. But what happens on Mondays, or perhaps even Sunday evening?

It is very easy for us to forget what the sermon on Sunday was about, and even though we may have had a wonderful time with the Lord in the few hours we spend together as a church, we may end up going back to our own lives with all our sinful heart issues coming back. How do we combat this?

One of the greatest ways that I have found to combat my heart issues is through accountability. Accountability is a practice that Christian brothers and sisters can participate in out of love and concern for one another to grow in the Lord. It is a time when we ask one another difficult (and sometimes easy) questions in order to continue to point each other to Christ. I believe that such accountability is absolutely necessary. Here is the question: do we practice accountability in our church?

Many times, looking for someone to keep you accountable is a difficult endeavor in itself. So, starting this month, a couple of our community groups will be implementing a new systematic form of accountability so that you will not need to find someone by yourself. A systematic form of accountability will not answer all of our questions or deal with all of our issues. But it definitely is a starting place to begin real growth in the Lord. I encourage you, if you desire to grow in the Lord, to seek accountability, and perhaps join one of our community groups.